• Nicole Mitsuuchi


It's apparent that the goal of 2020 is to find the healthy balance between social distancing and maintaining a healthy mindset.

COVID-19 has affected each one of us, yet something that no one could have prepared for. As a society, we find comfort in preparing, planning, and achieving; it's understandable that we don't know how to manage our feelings surrounding the unknown.

I'm not claiming to be a master at this balance, because I'm not. We're all in this journey together, while Mama Nature demands her self-care time to reset. My intention is to help someone find their form of serenity in this chaotic time.

I hope that we all find our lessons to gain from this and practice them in the many years to come. For me, I've learned to strengthen my faith and work on my patience. What lessons will you take from this? It's okay to not have the answers now; remain open to receive and you'll find your answers.

I wanted to share this great resource, which has helped me find hope when I felt hopeless. Deepak Chopra and Oprah have blessed us with a free 21-day meditation, called Hope in Uncertain Times. Each day, there's a new guided meditation, along with the message of the day and journal prompts.

Sending love and health,


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