Hi there! My name is Nicole Mitsuuchi. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and I graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2016 with my Master's Degree in Social Work. (GO BEACH!)

I specialize in maternal mental health, attachment, and parenting littles.

I'm a certified Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Trainer of Trainees (TOT) and trained in the following: maternal mental health,

perinatal mood disorders, trauma-informed treatment, assessing the quality of parent-child relationships, motivational interviewing, and typical/atypical development.

I am a firm believer that successful treatment outcomes require collaboration with you. That being said, we will work together to ensure your treatment is personalized to meet your specific needs. My practice utilizes a blend of interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and parental coaching.


My self-care activities include: walking my Corgi, drinking water, DIY projects, finding shells at the beach, meditating, reading, and collecting healing crystals.


You can say I've always been a natural-born helper. Growing up, I was known as the talkative kid; often times getting into trouble for disrupting the classroom. My rationale? They asked me for help, so I helped them. Although that excuse wasn't helpful at the time, it ultimately led me to pursuing a career in the helping profession. 


I founded The Birthday Club at the Torrance Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) office in 2008 to obtain my Gold Award in Girl Scouts. This program receives gift donations to provide foster children with a birthday present. 

During my field placements in college, I gained experience working with children with Autism, school-based mental health, and community mental health.

My professional journey began at a community based mental health agency. I began to work with school aged children, ranging from ages 6-18, with mental health challenges. I have always been drawn to working with the little kiddos and newborns, so I was ecstatic when I began my training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) - an evidence-based model working with children, ages 2-7, and caregivers. 

As I began to work with more families and mothers, I began to notice a common theme; majority of mamas kept reporting a barrier from bonding with their little - AKA postpartum symptoms. I quickly became invested in Maternal Mental Health to address this crucial underlying need. The more knowledge I gained, the more invested and determined I became in supporting and nurturing mamas, in order to nurture their littles. 

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