Motherhood is challenging. It comes with a range of powerful experiences and emotions, often pushing mamas to their limit. Society portrays motherhood as this beautiful, magical experience. But for many mamas, this is not their experience and they suffer in silence. Mamas, motherhood is not easy and social media fails to accurately portray the difficulties of motherhood. It takes a courageous mama to seek additional guidance.


My mission is to increase the amount of Nurtured Mamas in the South Bay area by providing an understanding and accepting ear to each mama suffering from perinatal mood symptoms. After all, you must take care of yourself in order to take care of your little one.


Mamas, it's time to nurture YOU. It's okay to seek help and you are not alone. You can get better with the right help and your feelings as a mama will begin to have a whole new experience. Feel free to get to know me a little more on my About Me page.

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