Mamas, let's be real. 

Motherhood is not all rainbows and butterflies.

It is more than simply raising your littles and building your tribe.

It's adjusting to your new role as a mama--

finding the right balance of motherhood, while tuning out

the social pressures of living up to unrealistic ideas of what a mother is.

Society portrays motherhood as this beautiful experience, with smiles and cuddles. Yes, motherhood comes with some beautiful moments, but it also comes with some horrible ones too. For some mamas, those horrible moments can gradually take over to the point of it overpowering every second of her day. 

Mamas, you are not alone and it's okay to seek help. 

You can get better with the right help and your experience as a mama can be a whole new experience.

It's time to nurture YOU.​ After all, you can't pour from an empty cup.

My mission is to provide mamas with warm support and gentle guidance to increase the amount of Nurtured Mamas living a meaningful and mindful life for her and her family in the South Bay area. 

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